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Visit the website of action adventure author Linda Jacobs, who writes as Christine Carroll: If you like a fast paced novel of adventure . . . the outdoors . . . fighting wildfire . . . or being on hand when a volcano erupts . . . Linda Jacobs takes you there.

Medallion Press, mass market publisher of Children of Dynasty and Linda Jacobs’s Yellowstone Series, along with a multi-genre rainbow of talent.

Romance Writers of America. The founding and foremost national organization for romance authors, would-be authors, and fans. Christine studied with the late Rita Gallagher, one of its founders. The RWA annual convention features a giant book-signing to benefit the cause of literacy.

Romantic Times Book Club. Despite the name, they feature all genres in their monthly magazine and online presence, mystery, thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, mainstream, and of course, romance. Their annual convention is a fast and free wheeling whirl of booksellers, authors, sexy cover models, costume balls, vampires . . . face it, you hadda be there.

West Houston Chapter of Romance Writers of America: Christine’s home chapter, a fab group of great gals.

Romance Junkies. Great website for folks who love a happy ending and all the twists and turns it takes to get there. They have some wonderful, lively chats - Linda Jacobs has been featured there with her June 2005 release from the Yellowstone Series, Summer of Fire, and Christine will be there as well.

My Australian Book connection

Ventana Big Sur: One of the world’s foremost romantic getaways, as featured in Children of Dynasty.

Christine Carroll -